My name is Oliver Dionela

Self-taught web designer & developer from Philippines. I do freelance work since 2012 focusing on designing and developing websites, helping clients from around the world.


For years I've delivered solutions to small to medium-level startup clients and individuals, working remotely. I mainly design and code HTML templates and CMS/blogging platform projects. For a while, I focused on authoring premium themes and templates and selling them on Themeforest.

I genuinely love making websites. I am constantly eager to learn, adapt and evolve as a designer and I always try to keep myself aware about the latest trends and standards in design and development community.

Tools of the Trade

Experience Design (Adobe XD) & Photoshop

Coming from Photoshop background, my design tool of choice right now is Adobe XD. I almost always use XD on every project I work on since I switched.


I coded every designs I made every since. For me, knowing how to code clean and valid HTML is an essential skill as a designer.

Zurb Foundation Framework (SASS), Bootstrap & other frameworks

Almost every project I made was built with Foundation Framework although I keep updated with Bootstrap and other frameworks. It is easy to rapidly build prototypes with clean, manageable codes using Foundation.

CMS/Blogging Platforms

I built projects with Wordpress, Tumblr, Ghost, Shopify and recently Webflow.

Github & Bitbucket

I manage and version-control my projects with Github and Bitbucket.

Have a project in mind?
Ask me a question, request a quote or send a message via [email protected]